Saturday, January 14, 2017

New year resolution: More traveling with (more) children!

Happy new year!

It's officially my first post in 2017, but also officially the beginning of our trips with two children. We're parents of two now! My newborn joined us in the morning of January 2nd this year, made us a family of four now. Well, babygirl is still my babygirl, but I feel like I have to find another nickname for her in this blog, since our newborn is also a girl. Having said that, from now on babygirl will be referred as the toddler :)

Another pair of feet to leave little footsteps in the big world
A little bit more about our newborn. She's progressing very well, healthy and big (born 3,720g -that is 8 pounds 3 ounces) and seems to be a good profile of a traveling baby. Her first trip will be in the end of March when all four of us will be going to Indonesia. My husband, our toddler and I have gotten our tickets so now we just need to add our newborn to become a lapchild into my ticket. Well, for that we'd need her to own a passport. And for that, we'd need her bio-metric photographs. And for that, we'd need her to be awake at the photo studio so the photographer could take a picture of her. Which, had became a problem. We came twice already to the guy, and both time our newborn was sleeping so tight she wouldn't wake up however hard we tried to wake her up. We'll give it another try on Monday.

We want to make a test trip before her big flight, though. Something closer for a weekend, thinking of Trieste, maybe for Valentine's day. If she'll be having a passport (or an ID card) by then. If she'll be up at the photographer's place on Monday :)

For now, the warmest welcome to our family little girl! Lots and lots of love from the three of us <3

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