Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Are you done having babies?

How do you know you are? Or you're not...

When we had our first born, we knew we were not done having babies. Life did change a little after baby, but we kept doing things we liked, things that make us happy. And traveling was one of 'em.

Two years and a half later, I miscarried at around 8 weeks. We got pregnant again right after and our rainbow baby was born. Despite all the "two children are much harder than one" comments people make, honestly, it's not that much harder than I imagined it would've been. My biggest concern? Paying for four tickets instead of three ;)

At this point I have this question floating around my head constantly, are we done? Are we done having babies? I don't know.

A photo from our maternity series, taken by a friend and a photographer IĆ  from Blue Studio

Around a month ago during a regular evening at home, the toddler was abstract-painting on the floor like a pro, I was cooking dinner and my husband holding the newborn when he mumbled "I think I want three children". I didn't say no, but I didn't say yes either. I was still recovering from childbirth, mind you.

Last night I was surfing on my computer checking out apartments for sale in our neighborhood. We bought this place that we're living in when it was just the two of us. It's 50 square meters and it was ideal for us. We couldn't afford a bigger place. Five years and two children later, it's getting tight so we're talking about getting a bigger apartment, giving ourselves two to three years to find the place where we'll settle for good with the kids. I asked my husband while looking at the listings "what do we want? Like a 80 square meters or a 110 square meters?" I thought, with two kids a 80 would be good enough. But.. then it was like we were reading each other's mind when he asked me back "80 is good.. but, what if we're not done having babies? I'd do 110 in case we're not done..."

Am I done? Are we done? I don't know. Are you done? How did you know?

I accidentally saw an article about it the other day on my news feed, ten signs you're probably not done having babies. Can't really remember what the other nine were, but one was on point: "if you keep asking the question, you're probably not done."

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