Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Send us postcards?

People get things on their trips, collect different things they can keep and look at everyday to remind themselves of the sweet memories of the trips. Some people collect cute magnets, my husband collects model planes (and football club jerseys, and Hard Rock t-shirts, and pencils, and whatever things come to his mind -he's basically a hoarder), my mom collects little ceramic plates and foreign coins, my sister-in-law collects seashell from beaches, a friend collects snow globes from different cities, another friend collects foreign stamps, and the list goes on.

As for me? I don't normally buy things on our trips, I send postcards. I love postcards. I love sending them, and I love receiving them even more. My husband thinks I'm outdated but there's nothing more romantic than finding stuff in the good old mailbox (bills not included!). I keep a note on my iPhone of the list of friends and family to send postcards to for each trip. That way I have all of their addresses in one place, and I keep track not to send the card from the same destination to one person twice (Yes I'm that obsessed).

Since having our firstborn, I made her send postcards to her friends and cousins when she's on trips with us. She'd pick the postcards, I'd write the addresses, and she'd "draw" some random stuff on it, put on stickers, make hand prints, glue the stamps and throw it into the postbox. It's super cute! Of course she doesn't really get the idea just yet, but we enjoy doing it together, so, why not?

The next time you're traveling with your child(ren), give it a try. It could be a nice routine you do with them. Like, having strawberry ice cream in different cities in the world. To us, it's much easier than getting gifts or souvenirs for our loved ones. Postcards don't need space in our luggage!

Send me a message if you want one for yourself sent from our next destination :)

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