Tuesday, March 22, 2022

4 Croatian campsites we love that you should try

Yup, we're camping people. And nope, we don't have a camper-van. We're the kind of campers who sleep in a tent. Back in 2018 I shared some tips for camping with small children. It was our very first camping experience with the kids. If you're not a camper-van or a tent person, don't worry, all of the children-friendly campsites we've tried also offer other types of accommodation like apartments, mobile homes and glamping tents. 

There are a lot of things about campsites that we absolutely love, from being outdoors all the time, being in the close proximity to the beach, to the fact that the kids have organised activities and entertainment most days. I did have an idea to skip camping this year and fly my family to a more exotic destination for the summer, but my idea got trashed and bashed in the family meeting by our kids so, yes, we're absolutely going camping again this summer in their favourite campsites. With summer slowly approaching and needing a planning, these are our four favourite campsites on the Croatian coast which I think you should give a try:

  1. Zaton Holiday Resort is my kids' (and our whole extended family's) number one. For a campsite, it's on the expensive side, so we like going here in June, before the peak season starts. We haven't tried camping with our own tent here, but we did try their two-bedroom glamping tent, which is super cool. It caters all needs: plots for tents and camper-van, mobile homes, glamping tents and apartments. I love the pine forest and the sandy beaches, my kids are crazy about the amazing water park and the disco nights, my husband loves the cocktail bars and the warm sea. Even their communal sanitary facilities look like those of a five-star hotels, it's insane! Family evening entertainments are super cool. Both of our kids participated in a cabaret show on our last evening there.   
  2. Camping Stra┼íko on Pag island is where we'll be coming back most summers on peak season. We camped here for eight days with our own tent last year and it was marvelous. The sea water is crystal clear, the whole camp is a forest so most plots are in cool shades. The parcel is big enough that we could place a big tent, a dining/kitchen pavilion and our car comfortably. The animation team is not as well equipped as it is in Zaton, but our kids still enjoyed their disco nights and evening shows. They also have a little farm where the children can volunteer to care for the animals. This camp books really quickly, sometimes even a year in advance. 

  3. Aminess Atea Camping Resort on Krk island is much smaller than the our first two favourites, but it is so close from Zagreb that it had become our weekend destination. We have never tried camping in a tent since we've visited this camp only for weekends. On all three occasions we booked their beautiful mobile home, a three-bedroom home big enough for a weekend with friends. The campsite is rather small, so our kids roamed around freely and confidently. The swimming pool with the slide is not too big, but kept them entertained. I love that the playground area is central and visible from most mobile homes.

  4. Arena Medulin Campsite is at the south end of the Istrian penisula and was our very first
    camping experience. We have tried both their mobile home and their plot with our own tent. Definitely on the more modest site compared to the first three camps, although still well equipped. No fancy sanitary facilities, but very clean and functional ones. I remember they had baby bath facility as well. The campsite consists of two connected islets, make each and every plot very close from the beach. 

There are many other great campsites along the Croatian coast that we still haven't had the opportunity to check out, and I've heard great things about ones in the Istrian peninsula. I'm hoping we'll get the chance to try out some new campsites next year, since our summer this year is already booked :) 

Enjoy planning your summer vacation!